Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting out of 'the pits'...

Every one of us gets into those situations where the whole world seems to have caved in on you –and you find yourself in ‘the pits’. It may be the pit of loneliness, financial insecurity, on-going sickness, destructive habits or personal defeat. There seems to be no way out – and it can be a very lonely place!

I am encouraged every time I read of a ‘super-saint’ like King David, in the Bible – when I see that even he hit ‘the pits’ every now and then.
In Psalm 40, David describes how he gets out of it. He firstly acknowledges that he cannot help himself – In humility he cries out to God. He doesn’t demand from God or moan at God. He cries out in humble dependency. He then waits on God’s help. In our instant age – we find it hard to wait. We want answers NOW! However, God answers us in His time – not ours.

Almighty God  answers Davis’s cry by taking him out of that place of lonely helplessness and ‘setting his feet on a rock’ – from desperation to security! Sometimes God changes our circumstances and at other times we still have to work through difficult times – but throughout - God gives us stability and hope. He is the rock in our storms!

What about you? Do you know God personally, through a relationship with Jesus Christ? If so – His help is always at hand! If not, you’re on your own! The best help you can get is human help – which is so temporary and imperfect.

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