Monday, October 19, 2009

Radio Quizz Awards Weapons as Prizes

Allegedly (according to the NZ Herald, Oct 19 2009) a radio station in Kismayo, Somalia, recently ran a broadcast quizz competition during the Muslim month of Ramadan. It posed questions on science, culture and the Koran and the winners were given a first prize of one AK-47 assault rifle, two hand grenades, an anti-tank landmine and office supplies (supposedly to further their planning activities). Second prize winners had to console themselves with an AK-47 and ammunition only...

One has to question why we in the west (or any other civilised country in the world, for that matter) allow Islam to grow without opposition when you read about incidents like this one. Yes, things look very peaceful and harmless on the surface - and that is the image that is put out there for the general public to soak up - but the latent principles of jihad are deeply instilled and rise very quickly to the surface when any opposition is encountered.

Jihad takes on more subtle forms too. Recently, in a supermarket queue, I noticed a Muslim woman just ahead of me carefully reading the label on a tin of food. When she got to the counter, she placed the tin down and said that she would have liked to have bought the food item but it did not have the halal mark. She asked to speak to the supervisor who apologised profusely and said she would see what could be done. Having myself, previously, tried to ask the same supermarket to try to get hold of a specific food item, I did not get the same response but was told that the company had buyers who only bought specific items. The difference in responses is what interests me. The question is not one of food but of religion. Islam is conquering the west by stealth - one social facet at a time - but steadily expanding.

Radio competitions, like the one above, are only a symptom and indication of progress of a much deeper malady...

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