Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lord, teach me to pray!

I have been gripped by an insight from Bishop J.C. Ryle on prayer - "Prayer has obtained things that seemed impossible and out of reach. It has won victories over fire, air, earth and water. Prayer opened the Red Sea. Prayer brought water from the rock and bread from Heaven. Prayer made the sun stand still. Prayer brought fire from the sky on Elijah's sacrifice. Prayer overthrew the army of Sennacherib. Prayer has healed the sick. Prayer has raised the dead. Prayer has procured the conversion of countless souls."

I have always believed God answers prayer but, like many Christians out there, I struggle daily to keep my prayer life consistent. As an aid to anyone else with the same struggle, I have found Dick Eastman's book 'The Hour that Changes the World' very helpful in this regard. It is extremely practical and challenging! "Only as we apply our knowledge of prayer to the actual practice of prayer will we discover the practical power of prayer" (Eastman).

Join me as I strive to have prayer become primary in my daily life - not just an add-on or an afterthought...


  1. I like that, its true, prayer is powerful! Also a really good book for times when God doesn't answer prayer is called 'God on mute', I found it really insightful.

  2. I will look into that book. Thanks!