Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Charities Commission NZ in 'Upside Down Land'

Open Letter to Charities Commission, New Zealand

Do you live in the same society we do? Your decision to deregister 'Family First New Zealand' as a charity blows the mind. It is seemingly ok to keep gambling and lottery organisations on your books but not an organisation which fights for family rights and values? Which one has the greater good of the community at heart?
Your decision makers need to stand in front of the mirror and squarely face what you are doing to our society. Come out of 'Upside Down Land' where bad is good and good is bad. The same society which employs you needs your support, not your undercutting of organisations which do good in our communities.
Start by looking up 'Charity' in your dictionary ... it may bring you back to reality!

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