Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Less is More...

“God blesses those who realize their need for Him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is given to them…” (Matthew 5:3)

A wooden chopping board, an open fire, a concave roasting pan, two large knives, a kettle, a wooden mortar and a pestle (short axle from a Land Rover) for preparing coffee beans. That’s it! A fully equipped kitchen in a village in Ethiopia, Africa…

My host seemed very happy with her life. She even took in orphan girls and taught them how to fend for themselves and then to serve the community around them, in their turn. She introduced me to successful ‘graduates’ from her home who were now emulating her example. What an inspiration! From political activist and outright rebel to a living foundation of her community… and all because of Jesus Christ. Through a travelling evangelist, she realized how far away she was from God and yet Jesus had paid the ultimate price for her guilty life. She had found true happiness and a purpose for her life!
What a pity so many of us get caught up in the clutter of ‘get this…, buy that…, drive this…, be seen with…’ - trying to fill that vacuum inside of us – a ‘God-sized hole’ that only God can fill. Maybe we need to unclutter our daily existence and get back to what is crucial to our future contentedness… - a right relationship with the God of this universe. Simple, but so fundamental. Get that right and you will gain so much more!

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