Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prayer - in 'the fear of God'

There is a major difference between 'fearing' something and living 'in the fear' of something. 'Fearing' shows a lack of security or a sense of being unprotected. Living 'in the fear of' something shows a deliberate and conscious respect towards someone or something.

A healthy 'fear of God' is a forgotten truth today. Jesus gets called the 'Big J' and God 'The Big Guy in the Sky'! Us puny little mites on earth forget that we are living before and coming in prayer before the Almighty Creator of the universe! He gives us the very breath in our lungs and then we want to "tell" God what we want and order requests from Him and His celestial e-store?? It is only when we try to understand God's utter holiness and our utter helplessness and sinfulness without His intervening mercy, that we can come in true humility before Him in prayer and leave our requests before His mercy seat and His promise of an eternal love towards us. Prayer can never be flitting and thoughtless!

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